straight Stainless steel drinking straws are fast becoming the hippest way to sip on your drink while also being responsible for your environment. Every single time you sip from your reusable drinking straw you save the planet from single use plastic waste. Just as important, when others see you drinking from your stainless steel drinking straw, you are raising awareness around zero waste and promoting the plastic free life.

Stainless Steel Straws are highly regarded among eco-aware and environmentally friendly people as a stylish and practical accessory. Using a single use drinking straw is simply no longer acceptable in many progressive and environmentally aware circles. NOW is the perfect time to make the switch and be part of the stainless steel straw revolution.

Be Part of The Stainless Steel Straw Revolution

Let’s talk garbage for a minute! Remember the last time you ordered a green smoothie your favourite juice bar or picked up your morning coffee from a cafe? Think back to what you did after you finished your drink – most likely you threw everything – cup, lid and straw – in the garbage. Like many others, you thought because it’s plastic, it could be recycled. But did you realise that 91% of all plastic never gets recycled! And for things like straws, which are seen as insignificant, they most likely end up in landfill, or the ocean.


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