extra wide

Extra Wide Stainless Steel Straws are the perfect plastic free and zero waste reusable drinking straw, available for Australia wide delivery from Holistica Australia.

These reusable straws are perfect for those thick fruit smoothies that are chockful of fresh fruits and ice chunks and make them a breeze to drink, unlike flimsy plastic straws.

Extra Wide

They also make a great addition to frozen cocktails as you let the metal straw work its insulating magic and keep your drink cool.

Stainless steel straws are a great help for those with small children who are learning to drink. Instead of wasting through plastic straws each day that end up in the trash, a sustainable stainless steel straw can be reused for years. Plus, take advantage of the safety silicone tip to keep young teeth protected.

The options are virtually limitless for stainless steel straws, and you might be surprised at how much more enjoyment it can bring to sipping on your favourite beverage!

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