environment They’re free from chemicals – According to Mayo Clinic, BPA has been known to seep into food and beverages causing a range of medical problems. Although common in many plastics and other materials these days, stainless steel is completely free from BPA. Perfect for zero waste.  These extra wide metal straws are chemical free and won’t taint your drink with anything toxic so your health remains a priority.

Features of a Great Stainless Steel Straw

These handy reusable drinking straws are an essential item for every Australian home. However, when you’re on the lookout for a set of quality stainless steel straws, there are a few features that you should ensure your straws save the planet:

Zero Waste Australia Plastic Free July

Wide mouth – One of the greatest features of a stainless steel straw is their unique ability to drink any style of beverage. Thick smoothies, iced tea, or even cocktails, a good stainless steel straw should have a mouth wide enough to make sipping a breeze. It means less work sucking, and less lost lipstick on the straw itself.


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