100 Pack

100 Pack Look, no matter how hard you believe in the benefits of good intentions, your reduced plastic consumption will most likely not result in shrinkage of the great Pacific Garbage Patch.
We need to stop single use plastic straws.
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100 Pack

But it will help raise awareness and create amongst the people around you an influence in that direction. And, like ripples, these spread outward to recruit others, and so on. THIS is the real 100 pack people power of your own not-so-perfect actions

100 Pack

2 biggest tips to be a #consciousconsumer.
1 – Know your why – why are your buying something? Do you really need it? Are you shopping because you are bored, or out of habit, or to keep up with a trend or your neighbours?


When you pause and question your why, often the delay itself leads to you refusing and not making the purchase. There’s a reason marketers have words like “impulse shopping” “up sells” and “cross sells” – and it is because they work. You can just shake your head if you find it challenging to say the actual word.

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