Stainless Steel Straws actively sponsors community and social projects that align with our zero waste and plastic free philosophy.  EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE you make contributes towards our sponsorship of these worthwhile community initiatives.  We (and you) are active supporters of …

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Tirtle Sponsorship


Dear Stainless Steel Straws,

Your adoption is fantastic news. With you on their side, these ancient mariners now have hope.

Thanks to your generosity, you’re helping us to continue to research turtle health, reduce contaminants entering our waterways, expand and create marine sanctuaries and promote sustainable fishing practices.

To download your adoption certificate click here.

I can’t thank you enough for your support. It’s people like you who help to build a future where humans live in harmony with nature.

Together we will ensure that the beauty and brilliant diversity of this wonderful planet is preserved for future generations.

Thanks again.

Dermot O’Gorman
CEO, WWF-Australia

Your purchase of reusable straws helps support Sea Turtles, like Hector.  Thank you.


Greenpeace Australia

Greenpeace Australia Stainless steel straws

Greenpeace Australia is a voice for independent environmental activism.  EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE from Stainless Steel Straws helps us directly financially sponsor Greenpeace Australia to continue their fundamental works.


More to come – Welcome to add your suggestions as well as individuals who are seeking straws…

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