Save the Turtles

Save the turtles

Save the Turtles

At Stainless Steel Straws we are helping raise awareness around the plight of sea turtles around the world, but especially in Australia.  To this end, we are monthly sponsors with the WorldWildlife Fund (WWF) to help sea turtle rescue action in Australia.  Your purchase directly impacts this, as we funnel a portion of our profits into worthy programs like this.  So thank you.

Save the Turtles Resources

We have been in touch and read about so many significant sea turtle programs that we want to share with you. Simply by following these links you’ll be able learn more about what different programs and how concerned individuals are making a real difference.


Since 2008 the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program, in Western Australia near the Ningaloo Reef, has been working to help the loggerhead turtle.

See Turtles

An independent organisation protecting sea turtles throughout latin America and the world, based in Oregon, USA.

This Australian group is an independent, not for profit with a mission to safeguard and support sea turtles numbers worldwide.

The oldest sea turtle organisation in the world!  Founded in 1959 and working in the Caribbean and then Central American and further.  Offers advocacy and turtle research support.


around the danger of single use plastic.  Single use plastic is anything from plastic straws, to plastic cutlery to plastic water bottles.  Single use plastic is designed to be used once and if not recycled, thrown into landfill.  This means for a few minutes, or even moments of convenience, there is waste that lingers for centuries.

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