Stainless Steel Straw Reviews

We’ve compiled the best Stainless Steel Straw Reviews so you can shop with confidence and choose the best stainless steel drinking straws just for you.

Are Stainless Steel Straws Safe?

In Australia, most of the stainless steel straw reviews you will read are from people who have used drinking straws and found just the right variety to suit their usage.  For example, a smoothie drinker will like an extra wide straw, for sucking the thicker liquid of the smoothie.  On the other hand, a mineral water drinker would prefer a extra long straw so there is less liquid flowing and perhaps less carbonation in each sip.

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Regardless of the style of stainless steel drinking straw, it’s likely most you encounter will be made from high grade stainless steel.  For more details it is helpful to consult the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association’s Guidelines – because it is easy to be confused by conflicting US or European standards.  When you are shopping online be mindful of these different standards.

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Reuseable Stainless Steel Straws

’18/8′ is probably the most commonly used stainless steel and contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel.
This steel is also known as ‘304’ (in the American AISI grade designation system) or 1.4301 in the European BS EN 10088 standard.
It is an ‘austenitic‘ type of stainless steel and so is not (or only very weakly) attracted by a magnet.

’18/10′ is a designation used on some cutlery and holloware as an alternative to ’18/8′. This designation is claimed to indicate a better quality steel than ’18/8′, and is essentially the same as the ‘304 (1.4301) grade . In practice the “10” does not indicate an actual higher Ni content and is purely a marketing ploy.

From the British Stainless Steel Association.

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Plastic Free Stainless Steel Straws

It just follows that when made with food-grade stainless steel, metal straws are 100% safe and are much better for the environment than modern, disposable plastic straws.  Disposable plastic straws are convenient for the retailer, because there is a no-recycled, one touch no-follow-up process.  They are not sustainable.  The consumer buys, uses and then disposes of the plastic straw.  Then, the plastic straw becomes plastic pollution, and begins a painfully slow 400 year degradation process.


plastic free life - stainless steel drinking straws Australia

Ancient Drinking Straws

The first known straws were made by the Sumerians, and were used for drinking beer, probably to avoid the solid byproducts of fermentation that sink to the bottom. This makes sense – with a straw you can choose to suck up liquid from above the bottom of the bottle – with the benefit of avoiding solids and detritus.

The oldest drinking straw in existence, found in a Sumerian tomb dated 3,000 B.C.E., was a gold tube inlaid with the precious blue stone lapis lazuli.   Like a stainless steel straw, it was not designed to be a single use disposable!  Later, South American civilisations and their neighbours used a similar metallic device called a bombilla, that acts as both a straw and sieve for drinking mate tea for hundreds of years.

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Modern Drinking Straw Invented

In the 1800s, the rye grass straw came into fashion because it was cheap and soft, but it had an unfortunate tendency to turn to mush in liquid. To address these shortcomings, Marvin C. Stone patented the modern drinking straw, made of paper, in 1888.  He wound paper around a pencil to make a thin tube, slid out the pencil from one end, and applied glue between the strips.  He later refined it by building a machine that would coat the outside of the paper with wax to hold it together, so the glue wouldn’t dissolve in bourbon.

plastic free life - stainless steel drinking straws Australia

Using Stainless Steel Straws

Because they’re made from metal, the stainless steel straw reviews we have taken into account here are based on the long lasting qualities inherent to steel.  They simply last longer, won’t chip or crack, and are unlikely to bend or crush unless faced with significant force.

Stainless Steel Straw reviews also suggest that they’ll also last much longer than other reusable straws like bamboo, which degrade over time, and glass straws, which can break, crack or chip after continued use.

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However, metal straws can take some getting used to.

Because they are completely inflexible, it’s important to be careful when bringing metal straws to your mouth – hitting your teeth or lips with them can cause minor discomfort since the metal straws don’t have the give and flexibility of traditional plastic straws.  This is very important!  I have been in mid conversation and have felt the clink of the straw against my teeth and it makes me shudder!

The simple solution is to be careful!  You might also like to slip a rubber stopper to cushion your mouthparts.  But in all honesty, it’s not necessary!  Just be mindful of the new tool in your dietary regimen and adjust your habits accordingly.

plastic free life - stainless steel drinking straws Australia

For this reason also, you’ll want to be careful if you’re using metal straws for drinks for small children – they shouldn’t run with the straws, and should have enough coordination as not to inadvertently poke themselves with the straw while drinking.

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