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Wholesale Bulk BUY REUSABLE Stainless Steel Straws ONLINE?

Everyday we throw away enough plastic straws that, if joined end-to-end, they would go around the equator of Earth 2.5 times! That’s billions of billions of pieces of plastic clogging our waterways and making life a challenge for our oceans.

Wholesale Bulk
BUY Bulk Discount Wholesale Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws

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Focus on the process, not your progress. Or, don’t allow your idea of perfection hold you back from sharing your coloured straws good efforts.

Look, no matter how hard you believe in the power of good intentions, your reduced plastic consumption will most likely not result in shrinkage of the great Pacific Garbage Patch.
We need to stop single use plastic straws, and instead use straight straws and bent straws and wholesale bulk.


Here’s a couple of things to get you started….


1. #refusethestraw when you are out. It’s a bit of a tricky habit at the start but you get used to it and it shows businesses what their customers want. By choosing to refuse, you set in motion the intent and begin to manifest a less wasteful consumer culture. It might seem insignificant – but it changes things.

2. Use your Straight Straw, of Bent Straw as much as possible! Every time you use your Coloured Straw, you’re saving a straw from going to landfill or ending up in the ocean. Over a lifetime, it’s something like 38,000 less straws. Plus, They are nicer to use and healthier than the disposable ones.

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This is a pretty startling fact. We were shocked too. That’s why your wholesale bulk order can help change the world.

If that hasn’t got you convinced, here are a few more reasons…

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1. Reusables are more eco-friendly and sustainable. Plastic Never Goes Away. Every single use plastic straw that was ever made, still exists today in some form – it might be broken into smaller pieces, but it still is out there..

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