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Commonly asked Questions about Stainless Steel Straws

Answers?  Here they are!  Right, so you’ve made the decision to switch from single use plastic straws to reusable extra wide and extra long stainless steel drinking straws.  It’s not such a big decision considering the environment, sustainability, positive reviews, the benefits of zero waste and even the whole idea of being able to save the planet.  But whatever motivates your choice, it’s one we totally respect and want to assist you through your journey.

Asked Questions about Stainless Steel strawsRemember when releasing balloons was for celebration or remembrance? Today letting a balloon go is little more than releasing airborne plastic pollution – that most likely ends up far away in some unintended place.
Ending our exploitation of plastic regardless of the cost to our children is something we can all be a part of. Today, as you go about your business, be mindful and take an extra few seconds to consider the longer term outcomes of your single-use plastic choices.
Eating sushi? Decline the plastic what-nots that are offered without asking.
Offered marketing materials? – decline and instead ask for a brief spoken sales pitch.

Think recycling is the answer? Think again. The problem is not cleaning up – its NOT MAKING THE MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Plastic Straw Ban 2019

Too often we build magnificent hospitals to cure cancer and heal illness when in fact out time and money would be better spent on encouraging active lifestyles and nutritional awareness.
It’s the same with drug laws – we spend millions trying to stop the product when the real answer to addiction and substance abuse is finding connection, community and meaningfulness.
So long as we think the answer lies in *fixing up the mess*, we will continue to go about blindly creating a mess assuming that it is OK, because it will be cleaned up later on.
It’s won’t. The mess – plastic waste, poor health, personal trauma – lingers for generations and generations.
So I’m not suggesting using a #stainlesssteelstraw will solve these problems. Far from it. But it does signal your intention and with that flows a powerful energy of manifestation.
Namaste. Bren

War ON Waste

So, here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about stainless steel drinking straws.

Are stainless steel drinking straws safe?

answersYes.  Main things to keep in mind are not to use stainless steel straws whilst distracted or walking or driving – but seriously you wouldn’t usually use a straw in those situations.  Answers?  So generally stainless steel straws are completely safe.

In terms of does the metal straw pollute or contaminate the drinking product?  No, not at all.  Food grade 18/8 stainless steel is completely inert and non-reactive.

For children, there is a slight warning around being sensible and not biting or chewing the straw – after all it is metal.  So we recommend that you use a silicone tip to make the straw more child-mouth friendly.  Also, of course, be mindful of your children using the straw whilst walking or running.  So supervise like you would with any other potentially hazardous cutlery implement like a knife or fork etc.

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Are metal straws bad for your teeth?

No.  Stainless Steel is inert and does not react with your teeth, any dental work you may have, or the natural saliva in your mouth.


Metal straws do take a little bit of getting used to.  You might have to pay more attention to your straw for the first few uses – it is easy to be distracted and chomp down on it!

Remember, it is made of metal and not so forgiving on the enamel of your teeth should you bring them into contact.  Best practice is to use a silicone straw tip, or your lips to hold the straw in place.

Why use stainless steel straws?

In one word?  Being more responsible for your personal impact and reducing waste on the environment.  Single use plastic drinking straws are notoriously under-recycled, which means they typically end up as landfill, or even worse – in our oceans.

Single use plastic straws ironically appear to be such a simple and insignificant lifestyle change that many people actually ask me “Why bother?” with choosing to refuse in the first place.

Stainless Steel Smoothie Straws

And there is a very simple answer to this question.  Just by using a stainless steel reusable drinking straw you are raising awareness around the plastic free life and zero waste.

Many people even in 2018 experience “compassion fatigue” which is a sense of hopelessness and inadequacy around big global problems like pollution, waste and global warming.  We’re all a bit too comfortable and even complacent with Clean Up Australia and Keep Australia Beautiful.

Simply by putting your stainless steel straw into a smoothie you remind others that there is a local, immediate energy around single use plastic and that giving up or accepting the status quo is no longer satisfactory.  Go stainless and change the world, baby!

You can learn more about Plastic Free July.

Stainless steel straws for hot drinks?

Yes.  Of course – the stainless steel is an efficient conductor of heat so yes, you might not be holding the straw – but on the other hand, you will not lose any of the heat from your drink as it travels along the straw.

A new experience the first couple of times, but once you get used to drinking with a reusable straw, you won’t go back.  You might not choose the extra long or the extra wide versions; I prefer a shorter, narrower diameter for hot drinks like tea or coffee.

Answers to Stainless Steel QuestionsBest stainless steel straws?

A question of personal choice.  My favourites are long, wide and straight.  Simple to keep and have them all over the place – car, office, backpack, briefcase…  Buy in multiples and spread them around!  You can read our stainless steel straw reviews.

A well designed stainless steel drinking straw has a smooth rounded edge so it does not damage lips or teeth.  It is also made out of food grade stainless steel – 304 or 18/8 or 18/10.  There is so much foodwaste in Australia that we are scarcely aware of just how much is acceptable.

To buy stainless steel straws wholesale in bulk for your restaurant, cafe or school.

How to clean stainless steel straws?

Use a straw pipe cleaner and warm water immediately after use.  It is as simple as rinsing out any leftover smoothie from inside the straw and allowing it to air dry.

Straws are safe to place in the dishwasher for a cycle, although be careful removing them once completed as they can get quite warm from the water used during the cycle.

Are stainless steel straws dishwasher safe?

Yes.  Although be careful removing from dishwasher on hot cycles as the metal does heat up.

Glass vs stainless steel straws?

Stainless steel is preferable to glass simply for durability and ease of care.  Glass is not as forgiving as metal to being thrown around your handbag or backpack – nor does it bounce back when dropped on the floor.  Answers.

Keep your glass reusable straw for special occasions – your stainless steel straw is your everyday, all-occasions reusable drinking straw.  Each time you use a reusable straw you are raising awareness.

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