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At Stainless Steel Straws we are always seeking professional and established ambassadors to help us promote the plastic free and zero waste life.  We are especially interested in supporting individuals and brands aligned with our Australian, health and outdoors vibe.

We are seeking influencers with substantial social media following to help us spread the message.  Don’t wait – send us an Expression of Interest today!  We’ll happily help set you up with our social media supporters kit, which includes some free straws for you to use in your images!  You can choose from our range of 4 sets of stainless steel straws.  

We suggest you take an image with the product in it, maybe a rose gold straw in a smoothie mason jar, or a rainbow straw in your almond milkshake.  We’re giving your full creative control to produce the best most interesting and engaging images.  

We are particularly interested in guest posts, or relevant backlinks if you have space on your blog.

Your Blog or website might be in any of our associated niche topic areas, like family, lifestyle, health, nutrition, education, childcare, sports etc.  We are happy to offer complimentary merchandise in exchange for a link in your article text, or financial remuneration for higher traffic links.

We are open to discuss terms and expectations and have free product available for your next promotional event.  Please get in touch directly via email
[ use title AMBASSADOR EOI ]
info (@) with your pitch and we will reply within 24 hours.

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